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My name is Márton Szőke-Kiss. I'm a freelance illustrator & graphic designer from Budapest.

Scroll down a little and you can see which kind of projects I have worked on. Contact me if you think I could fit in your short or long term project! Here is what I'm doing exactly:


Advertisment graphics

Comic book drawing & coloring

Lockd Room Project Heisenberg | Szőke-Kiss Márton, Illusztrátor, Grafikus


Infografika, Szőke-Kiss Márton - Szabadúszó illusztráror, grafikus
Bridgestone comics, graphic novel, coloring, drawing, comic book drawing, comic book coloring, Szőke-Kiss Márton, Illustrator, Graphic designer

Magazine covers

Bookpage Cover illustration Szőke-Kiss Márton, Illusztrátor, Grafikus

Working with me according to MY CLIENTS

Krisztián Zalaba

Manager, Online entrepreneur


I love to work with Marci because of his enthusiastic attitude towards the projects.

Typically he greatly perceives what’s in my mind and whenever we need to make changes he can solve it fast and clever. I like especially that he communicates very well through e-mails which makes the work and the cooperation easier for both of us. I can recommend working with Marci with good feelings.

Ákos Nagy

Cruisin / Hi!Fly

Marci created a dreamlike world for our promotional materials of our events and lifted them to a level which I could only dream of previously. I experienced professional attitude and communication from him on every occasion. He made the bar high for our expectations!

Most of the testimonials are translated from hungarian.




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